Announcements:Recording Grades and Assignments

The classes you are taking are needed for college. It is in your best interest to  apply yourself to the assignments. At times you will be asked to grade your own work, and submit it all to me. In these instances, I would like you to send me 2 grades. After you complete an assignment, grade your work, and mark all of your errors.  Figure out you grade, and record it.  This is the first grade. I save this grade, but do not count it.

Next, go through and correct all of your errors. Re-check your work, and grade it. Your grade should be 100%. This is your second grade. This is the grade that I count.  Record your grades weekly on the English Spreadsheet. Turn the spreadsheet and your completed assignments every weekend.I will record your grades  


Why are we doing it this way?  I want you to learn, and not fail. 


Why do i need two grades if we are only recording the corrected grade? This is how we can tell if you are grasping the material. I can make the course simpler or more difficult if needed. This grade is the most important. This is for you and i to see how much you’re retaining. 


How do I turn in my work? I’m going to build a form box so you can submit work right through the website. Until that time, please email everything to me at

Every week, please fill out the English Spreadsheet and return it to me 

your weekly grades consist of 

50 points= Weekly assignments /Quizzes/ Homework

50 points= Spreadsheet

A semester consists of 15 weeks. 

where are you doing with my completed work? I’m putting it in a separate tab on the web page. You can look review them and use them for studying. If I get a writing assignment, I’m going to grade it based on what I think you are capable of. If you disagree with a grade, we can talk about it. You can always improve your work. If you see an assignment in the archives that you are not happy with it, You can go back and make it better. I will adjust your grade. I don’t care how long ago you turned it in.




Because the best of these writing assignments will go on your transcript to submit to colleges.