Words and shapes are the fabric of life. Color gives them breath.

I believe that we all choose our ultimate destination in life, but we can’t determine the path to take. People are shortsighted. We see in straight lines, and head towards are goals with reckless abandon. We set laser sites and lower our heads, and move forward with reckless abandon. When objects block our path, we climb them, or cut them in half, or chop them into pieces. We are slow motion plane crashes, convinced that the best way forward is always a straight line.

I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else, although I’m not convinced that this is the best way forward.

The most valuable things in life are usually not dropped in front of us in the form of obstacles to be conqueredConvinced of the rewards at the end of the path, we all too often ignore the periphery of things.

Beauty often hides in corners, both dark and light. With golden threads, begging to show us better ways forward, it brushes our cheeks and whispers to us. It wraps us up , plants seeds in our minds, and tugs our heart.